Nigerian Dwarf Goats

An interest in self sufficiency and naturally raised food got us started in farming. Only natural and non-GMO feeds are fed to our poultry, goats, and pigs.  We believe that happy, healthy animals are found in green pastures and fed with grains grown the way the earth intended.

Situated in Southwestern Ohio, our farm selected the hardy breeds of Nigerian Dwarf goats and KuneKune pigs, along with our assortment of poultry. We’ve chosen breeds that are great producers and just happen to make sweet, friendly pets as well.

We chose Nigerian Dwarf goats because they are small and therefore easy to handle, make a surprising amount of rich milk, and don’t require much feed or space.  They also boast the advantage of being simply adorable.  As colorful, sweet tempered animals, they make both great producers and excellent pets.  We started our herd on DHIR this year and we’re proud to say that all the girls on test have earned their milk star as well as Advanced Registry recognition.  Our goats all come from tested/clean herds.  We test all goats that are old enough for CAE, Johnes, and CL annually and are proud to have all negative results.

And as for our Kunes, we’ve found that they are friendly and small enough to be safe and enjoyable family pets as well as producers.  We look forward to our first piglets and can’t wait to see what the future will bring for us and our new additions.

  • Nigerian Dwarf black and white doe