DOB: May 18, 2012 (twin)
Registered: ADGA & AGS
Polled Cou Clair
19 3/4″

Photos courtesy of Mistwood Fields.

Linear Appraisal History:

90VEEE (3 years old)-2015
90EEEV (4 years old)-2016


Old Mountain Farm Mirza *B ROUNDABOUT JOHNNY ON THE SPOT +B  Roundabout Sir Spot-A-Lot Roundabout Yin-Yang
Roundabout Persian Princess
 Roundabout Gretel Roundabout Maharajah
Roundabout Beatrice
 NC PROMISEDLAND MG MIZI 3*M ARMCH/SG Promisedland Mel Gibson ++B 88VVE  Maple Tree Knoll Snickers
Ceasars Villa CBS Minuet 2*D’E’
NC Promisedland SS Tizzie 2*M 86VVE+

Promisedland CP Seymore Spots *S/++B (Elite Sire 2016)

 Caesar’s Villa DN Lizzie 1*M/3*D
Pecan Hollow C Got Pickles Pecan Hollow SFB Constantine *S (AGS 2006 Nat’l CH Jr.Buck / NDGA 2006 Nat’l High Point Buck)

Twin Creeks BW SanFrancisco Bay *S/*B

ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++*S/++B ‘E’
 MCH/GCH Gay-Mor’s Jju Nonpareil 3*D/1*M 92’E’
 Pecan Hollow Creme-D-Mint  Rosasharn Tom’s Bit-A-Willy *S/*B
 MCH TWin Creeks MB Effervesence 2*D
PECAN HOLLOW BR ALENA  Split Creek Blue Ridge  Split Creek Montana
 Split Creek Sierra
 CH/MCH Dill Pickle LT Gothika *D  Little Rascals Lestat
 Twin Creek’s Sunshine Design



DHI Records:

Days in Milk Total lbs Milked Butterfat lbs BF % Protein lbs P % Notes
1.10 258 500 34 6.8% 23 4.6%
2.08 309 800 50 6.2% 37 4.6%
3.08 307 930 56 6.0% 42 4.5%


Kidding History:

Date Does Bucks Sire
March 18, 2014  1 Otter Grove Bit-A-Magic
February 15, 2015  3 Sweet Syringa’s Latin Java Joe
 February 6, 2016  2 3  Sweet Syringa’s Latin Java Joe
February 18, 2017 1 4 TUA Farms Party Cruiser