DOB: May 18, 2012 (twin)
Polled Cou Clair
Registered: ADGA (D1628510) & AGS (D-81919H)
20 1/2″

Photo courtesy of Mistwood Fields.

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Old Mountain Farm Mirza *B Roundabout Johnny On The Spot +B  Roundabout Sir Spot-A-Lot Roundabout Yin-Yang
Roundabout Persian Princess
 Roundabout Gretel Roundabout Maharajah
Roundabout Beatrice
 NC Promisedland MG Mizi 3*M ARMCH/SG Promisedland Mel Gibson ++B 88VVE  Maple Tree Knoll Snickers
Ceasars Villa CBS Minuet 2*D’E’
NC Promisedland SS Tizzie 2*M 86VVE+

Promisedland CP Seymore Spots *S/++B (Elite Sire 2016)

 Caesar’s Villa DN Lizzie 1*M/3*D
Pecan Hollow C Got Pickles Pecan Hollow SFB Constantine +B

Twin Creeks BW SanFrancisco Bay *S/*B

ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++*S/++B ‘E’
 MCH/GCH Gay-Mor’s Jju Nonpareil 3*D/1*M 92’E’
 Pecan Hollow Creme-D-Mint  Rosasharn Tom’s Bit-A-Willy *S/*B
 MCH TWin Creeks MB Effervesence 2*D
Pecan Hollow BR Alena  Split Creek Blue Ridge  Split Creek Montana
 Split Creek Sierra
 CH/MCH Dill Pickle LT Gothika *D  Little Rascals Lestat
 Twin Creek’s Sunshine Design


2nd Freshening
5th Freshening
5th Freshening

Linear Appraisal History

YearAgeGeneral AppearanceDairy StrengthBodyMammaryFinal Score
20153 YearsVEEE90
20164 YearsEEEV90
20197 YearsVEEV88

DHI Records

AgeDays in MilkTotal lbs MilkedButterfat lbsBF %Protein lbsP %Notes
1.10258500346.8234.62014 DHI
2.08309800506.2374.62015 DHI
3.08307930566424.52016 DHI
5.11178590335.6203.42018 DHI
6.10104367267.1133.52019 DHI
8-11209563295.2244.32021 DHIR (in progress)

Kidding History

03/18/141Otter Grove Bit-A-Magic
02/15/153Sweet Syringa's Latin Java Joe
02/06/1623Sweet Syringa's Latin Java Joe
02/18/1714TUA Farms Party Cruiser
05/13/1815Gabhran Creek Mr. Fancy Pants
04/03/1922Gabhran Creek Mr. Fancy Pants
05/03/2021Tiny Angels CK Two Faced +B
04/21/2113Tiny Angels CK Two Faced +B