DOB: February 22, 2019 (triplet)
Cou Clair with Moonspots
Registered: ADGA (D2006669)

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Mistwood PC Finnick Odair TUA Farm SP Party Cruiser 86VVV Old Mountain Farm Stag Party *B SG Old Mountain Farm Stag ++B 88VEE
NC Promisedland MG Mizi 3*M/5*D 83++E+
Old Mountain Farm Teika 87 VEE+ Old Mountain Farm Renga *B
West Rivendell FH Twinkle
Otter Grove M Mayzee 1*M AR 90 EEEV Old Mountain Farm Mirza *B Roundabout Johnny On The Spot +B
NC Promisedland MG Mizi 3*M 83++E+
Pecan Hollow C Got Pickles Pecan Hollow SFB Constantine *S
Pecan Hollow BR Alena
Digging Deeper Calypso Quinn 3*M Old Mountain Farm Maximo Quinn *B Old Mountain Farm
Maenar Quinn +B 88VVE 
Old Mountain Farm
Keidan Quinn +*B 88+EE
Painted Pepper RJ Mae
SG NC PromisedLand
Nemesis 3*M AR 90VEEE
Rosasharn Farm SS
Legolas 90VEV
SG NC PromisedLand
BW Echo 2 1*M AR 90VEEE
Apache Downs Lil Tara AR 2*M/*D CH God’s Love Farm Tough Lil Dude 88VEV Lost Valley Alexis *S
God’s Love Farm Choco Eclaire
Pocket Sized ML Yet 2B Summer 1*M AR 88VEEV Caesar’s Villa XL-N-Miracles
Pocket Sized TS XpectingSpring
1st Freshening